Terms and conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions thoroughly and print a copy for your records.
The entertainer, Nick Marshall, will hereby after to be referred to as ‘the artist’.

The Event:
1a.   On enquiry a date will be held for 14 days with no deposit after that the artist reserves the right to accept other bookings. The client will be notified of the loss of the date via email unless a deposit is paid.

1b.  Once the booking is agreed the client will be sent an email asking for them to confirm date/ time/ fee of event including the Terms and Conditions . In responding to this email the client agrees to all the Terms and Conditions as presented herein.

1c.   The artist agrees he will provide magical/ mystery entertainment at the agreed time/ place/ duration.

1d.   If the performance starts later than 30 minutes after agreed time due to clients delay, the performer reserves the right to cut short his performance in case of other engagements, the full fee is still to be paid.

Date, Time, and Venue
The entertainment will take place on the day, at the time and at the place set out in the written confirmation. If this is not to the client’s agreement then the responsibility is with the client to contact us.

2.    Once the fee has been agreed, payment can be made in advance of, or on the night of the performance.

2b.  A non-refundable deposit is to be made of 25% of the fee. The balance will be settled either before the night of performance via a bank transfer, or on the night in cash.
2c. Payment forms accepted are:     Bank Transfer (bank details will be provided when requested via email) Cash on the Night.

Cancellations/ Change of date:
3.    Cancellations prior to thirty (30) days before performance will incur a fee of 50% of the remaining balance.

3a.  If the booking is cancelled fourteen (14) days or less before the performance, the client is liable for 100% of agreed fee, made payable to the artist by an agreed date.

Video Sound Recordings
Video or sound recordings can only be made with our written consent and must be limited to only those parts of the entertainment agreed with the artist prior to starting. Any recording must be for private viewing / listening only.

Other Engagements
All re-bookings or further engagements that arise as a result of the booking must be negotiated by Nick Marshall.

These conditions and any entertainment that takes place under them shall be governed construed and shall take effect in accordance with the laws of England.
Equipment – Stage Show
The client and/or venue are to be responsible for the supply of the following items:
Close Up Performances.
–         Clear access to tables where performances are for table magic.
–         No loud music, audience needs to be able to hear what is being said.
–         A suitable place for a table where performance is stationary, adequate space surrounding for audience.
We reserve the right to cancel the performance with no refund if these items are not supplied or are inadequate for the task (e.g. Music to loud to allow performer to do his best.)
–     Hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages to be made available to the artist at all times and at the client’s expense.
–     A suitable parking space to be provided at the client’s expense.
–     For overseas and long distance engagements all flights, hotel bills and transfers to be provided by the client.

One Final Note:
Please remember; your event is not booked and no availability guarantees can be given until the signed booking confirmation letter/email reply is received by us.